Injuries happen. It can happen in sports, it can happen from imbalances or doing something repetitively that causes damage to your body over time. I’ve noticed a lot of people simply stop training altogether after an injury which I think is a very bad idea for these reasons:

  • Your likely to get weaker
  • Your likely to put on weight
  • Become bad mooded
  • Have less energy
  • Slow down your metabolism
  • Develop bad habits such as being inactive and also not eating good quality and healthy foods.

Heres what you SHOULD do if you have an injury:

Find a rehab specialist who can help you fix your injury so that you can strengthen it and get your body working and functioning properly again. Whether that’s an osteopath, a chiropractor, a physiotherapist and even a sports injure massage therapist you only get one body so it’s worth getting specialist help.

Look for an experienced trainer who can help you develop other muscles groups to help you with the injury and if he or she is really good they can actually help you with the strengthening and rehab of the actual injury only as long as they are in communication with your rehab specialist so they are both on the same team working on the same issue, the specialist recovering and healing, and the trainer on strengthening, lengthening and performance.

If you do have an injury, train wisely, keep training and learn how to understand your body better so you know its strengths and weakness so you can build yourself back to health and stop it ever happening again.