The Kardashians and lot of Instagram fitness models have gone crazy in promoting a big booty and the question no one is asking is whether or not it’s actually good for your health!

Just because you have a large booty with lots of muscle doesn’t mean its functional, strong or promoting good postural health. And to clarify, what it does mean is that the gluteal muscles have developed and built up from doing A LOT of hypertrophy

A healthy butt will allow you to do plyometrics (explosive moves, jumps), athletics and lifestyle cardio such as walking, hiking and running. A strong and functional booty is one that has balance and strength which is pretty much equal from single limb work, exercises like step ups, hip thrusts and hyperextensions are great for a healthy butt. In Pilates, there are a lot reformer single limb abductions and extensions that help with really strengthening and stretching the butt and is available to do at our studio.

Sprinters have shown to have the most functional and powerful butts due to a lot of bounding and single leg and alternating thrusting.

jessica-ennis butt

Having a strong booty that’s functional is extremely important and essential to your health and after that if you still want extra padding and muscle go for it in addition by focusing on heavy life using lunges, squats and deadlifts.