Building your booty or butt looks good. Butt building will help you feel great about yourself and your confidence.


Here is why. Strong glutes equals strong posture, and strong posture equals a strong spine, and a strong spine equals strong mental energy and muscles and a skeletal and nervous system making you feel very good about yourself and your confidence in yourself.  So, when working your hamstrings you will lengthen the appearance, musculature and movement and strength of the back of your legs. Working the front of the legs your quads while building your legs while doing exercises like the squat involves resistance of pulling your torso down, your aim is to keep  your torso up against the wait and to do so powerfully so to keep your posture upright.

To have good glutes and good posture do specific exercises to help improve both your glutes and your posture together. Personally if my client can do olympic lifts I will get them to do olympic lifts such as the snatch and the clean and jerk in 10 rep ranges to work on the muscular system as well as the cardiovascular system to give a fit and athletic look to each person.

Lunges are another good option as they make you work on one foot flat and one foot pointed. This means you have to work on your balance and alignment and on a single leg individually. This is a great movement for powerfully healthy feet, good posture and also a fast and healthy metabolism. Lunges are great to do forwards, backwards, sideways and even diagonally.

Other great exercises to do are hip raises and squats and bridges as they require an extension of the hip which will help you do movements that allow clenching and firming and building of the buttocks.

Lastly single leg and normal deadlifts are great for extensions of the spine and also of the buttocks being big mass and metabolism and glute builders which are always a great choice to bring in a menu of exercises to do for your booty.