It doesn’t matter if your a cross fit fan, a bodybuilder, a fitness model or just keen to stay in shape, what does matter is that you are powering your body properly from your platform. What do I mean by this?

What I mean is that there are thousands of exercise techniques in weight lifting, yoga, martial arts and sports but if you don’t know how to use the platform of your body, your spine, your feet, your hips, your shoulders and neck, you’ll never be good at a sport or skill in the longterm or never be as good as you could potentially be as every rep you do has diminishing effect.

There are certain skills that are common in every single lift or movement, theres the contraction or push in the ground of the foot, theres the engagement of the torso, the hand grip and holding the upper body upright no matter what position you are in, even if you are twisted or even bent over.

So some universal tips as I can’t be specific unless you send me a personal question or I meet you in person, lets take a common exercise like the bench press and illustrate my point, the feet should be stamping hard into the floor, the belly button drawn in towards the spine, the shoulder blades pulled back and squeezed against the bench, and the grip on the barbell or dumbbell is solid, I absolutely guarantee you that you will outperform YOURSELF, if you haven’t used this technique before, the grip of the feet on the ground and the hands on the bar will spark your brain power, and switch your brain which switches your muscles on like they are on fire, and they should be on fire, ready for the best performance ever, the torso engages to switch the whole spine on and the shoulder blades back and sternum lifted allows the chest muscle to move in its optimum line of movement, now of course I could apply this art of switching on the platform of your body to any skill set or movement because it always apply, thats because thats the way the human body works, so apply this and if you want more experience on how to utilise this concept in any movement, art or skill come over to my studio and I will show you myself.