i designed a workout inspired by Steve Reeves but then applied by some rules and ideas i feel are important from what i have learned about health and fitness as well as bringing my own perspective in. Classical bodybuilders were heavily influenced by the strong man and these guys were showing great feats of strength in the circus, usually impressive lifts would be rocks or women, lol from the ground above the head in one single move with one arm, in other words strength was associated by having powerful and muscular shoulders. the other thing they focused on was blood flow from the hips to above the shoulders, Steve was particularly an advocate of this style of training, creating blood flow and then moving from one section of the body to another and doing 2 or 3hour workouts at a time. so these workouts are longer but they are great and definitely worth a try to mix things up.


where I’m putting my angle in is in a lot more back work as my belief is strongly held as HEALTHY SPINE, HEALTHY MIND, AND HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY SPINE.


clean and jerk

military press

incline press

prone row


back squats

barbell curls

barbell decline skullcrushers

overhead squats

barbell lunges

wide grip pull ups

mid grip pull ups

narrow grip pull ups

bent over barbell rows

seated rows

shoulder press machine

assisted wide grip pull ups (to get higher reps)

lateral raises

dumbbell curls

dumbbell skullcrushers

sits ups off of a declined bench

so ladies and gentleman if your close by to victoria, westminster, belgravia, pimlico, chelsea or mayfair please come over for some workouts you will feel and look awesome after me and my team are done with you, even if it is for a short period of time..