Fitness is about movement ultimately, thats what muscles do, they move our bodies, and when you check out anatomy we have hundreds of muscles which all move our bodies in different directions.

Working on sprinting and thai boxing has shown me how much foot work is involved in health and fitness, and just shows how great outdoor workouts can be.

Weight training is fantastic for shape and structure and solidity so if you only do sports that move your feet e.g. football, dance, rugby, running then hit the weights and for those of you that only do weights then stop yourself looking like that rigid beefcake and start dancing with the skipping rope, sprints, dance or martial arts because what it will do is give you the greatest health you could ever want healthy feet.

Now I’m sure you think I’ve lost the plot… Why do we need healthy feet? Our posture, our movement, our mobility and our strength all starts from the feet. Which is why I recommend single leg squats or single leg box squats, deadlifts, plyometric jumps, running drills from cone to cone from as many different and random angles that you can come up with, even hopping on one leg and in different directions.

So to simplify and clarify my point, do two style of fitness weekly:

1. Weight lifting with feet pressed hard on the ground e.g. deadlifts and back squats to engage on foot stability, strength and structural density
2. Sprinting, or combat or skipping or even tai chi to get you moving your feet and rebalancing them

Do these two activities frequently on a weekly basis and I promise you fantastic strength, balance, mobility, energy and all round health.