Good health takes daily discipline and organisation, without the organisation or structure of what to eat and how and when you will train you will never be in optimal health.

Organisation can be important for other areas of life too, not just workouts and food schedules but also when you get to socialise, who you want to socialise with and the state of your affairs, e.g. financial papers or simply clutter in the house.

Have you ever looked for an email or some paperwork and been so disorganised that you got angry at yourself?

Well that happens and I always find organisation is the solution, as the process clears your mind and it gives you clarity, next thing you know, your workouts and meals are scheduled your financial papers are organised on a weekly or monthly basis, your house is tidy, and your friends and loved ones are incredible.

Get organised this New Year and watch your cortisol levels drop and watch your belly fat reduce as you take control of your life leading to less stress and more action!