How to do safe knee flexibility exercises

One thing I have learned about any kind of injury is that the best solution is always movement, that’s why knee flexibility exercises are essential for individuals with weak/injured knees.

Now all there is left to determine, which type of movement is best suited for your needs!

To start with a big pointer, you are strongly advised not to do any type of movement that hurts too much. If it hurts you, lower your pace or the strength you put into it, to be able to have it controlled.

You should be the one to control the exercise, not the exercise to control you.

Any movement that enables you to increase your range of motion, as well as the feel-good factor of the body from doing the movement, is a definite yes. This post will be about stretches that improve the knee and its rehabilitation, which is why safe knee flexibility exercises are so important.

Keep in mind that, if you perform a stretch and it’s too painful for you or increasing aggravation leave it and move on to another stretch.

Do not stress over it, it will get better in time and right now it needs to rest, but soon you will see for yourself that it will heal quickly. Be patient with your body.

Patience is a virtue, give your body the time it needs to heal and restore.

Every time I’d hurt my knee, a really useful exercise was standing on one leg and pulling my other heel towards my bottom to release the quads and help more movement from the front of the thigh to the kneecap.
As soon I got better at that, I would repeat it without any supportive balance.
Now. In terms of cardio and getting blood flow into the whole body without hurting yourself are things like the x-trainer. But remember, both should be at a very low resistance!
Start building strength and improve your flexibility slowly, because this will create a steady and powerful base between your body and yourself.
Only for 15 minutes each, you will feel your body stronger and stronger. If there’s any pain on, either treat this as a non-prescription but as a test to see how your body, and more specifically your knee, is doing!
If you feel overwhelmed if you feel that you need the help of a professional to guide you through this, do contact me, I’d be happy to help you on your journey!
Best wishes and happy training,
Adam White