a lot of women go for booty camps, it seems to be the fashionable thing to do

the focus is on the legs, the abs and the bottom

thats great and I’m all for that, BUT

lol no pun intended,

theres not enough focus on the triceps and this a definite part that a lot of women in my opinion hold way too much fat by

you can tell a lot about a ladies diet and workout discipline by the shape and form of her triceps

so ladies think about doing cardio that works your arms more dynamically, rather than jogging try fast intervals or sprints, rather than just doing squats, try tricep extensions, do tricep kickbacks as well as they are highly effective even with the lightest of weights and give a long and lean looking arm. also try the cross trainer backwards as that engages the hamstrings and triceps more. just be more conscious of doing a lot more tricep work to get those arms looking lean and mean and ready to go out and party.