Learning new things is a great way to shock your system and get fantastic results no matter what it is that you are looking to achieve.

Whether it’s changing your diet, reducing your carbs, increasing protein or fats or and then observing how your body to see how these different variables affect your body.

Changing your workout type, from a skills based learning, e.g. picking up a new sport, how to play it and getting in condition for that game, or trying out a new martial art e.g. from boxing to karate, even though they are both fighting sports and arts, the movements, rules and skill sets are completely different as are the challenges put on the body.

How about changing the phase of your strength training over to hypertrophy instead of low reps?

The thing I love about health, strength and fitness is that there is no right way to train, it evolves with your body, your injuries, your goals, your age, your lifestyle, your personal style and your abilities it’s a constant experimentation!

This week I have been training two times with Olympic 200m sprinter, Julian Thomas who trains with Linford Christie and the team GB sprinters. Training with Julian is so, so different because proper sprinting is almost like alternate single leg bounding, or jumping, its crazy! And it’s crazy hard! I was shocked at how hard it hits my core.

I also train 3 x a week with another one of my trainers Babs and I’m doing hypertrophy (bodybuilding style training) work with him 3 x a week. I will also be doing a thai boxing session with Reco and a Tai Chi Chuan session with an MMA Fighter called Nick, the variables are awesome, it’s a lot of fun, it’s hard work, I’m literally so sore everyday and yet my body is getting stronger and stronger as it adapt to these new challenges.

The point of this article is to get your thinking about mixing up your training, try something new, make your workouts fun and fresh or just come over to our studio and we will revolutionise your training!

Stay Healthy,