What I learnt from my workout today. I am looking at maintaining whiplash to my neck and also keeping at extraordinary shape at 45 some have said I look 35 which is awesome for me.

Today I did some shadow boxing to warm my arms up for a minute and then a couple of thick grip pull ups to working on my pulling power.

I’m aware of not doing too much overhead work so to destroy my shoulders so leaned very fat back to almost do a row like pull Down which worked my entire back.

I did some seated rows and some shrugs and heavy dumbbell bent over rows with some pullovers to awaken and work the whole back and at the same time warm me up for pushing and thrusting the chest muscles for a beautiful upper chest from incline dumbbell presses over to shoulder presses and lateral raises which gives a lot of burning with light weights which is a great feeling.

You want to have maximal impact on the muscles which minimal weight to do it safely and effectively. I finished off with some v sit ups which are great for the abdomen.