Getting fit and healthy is not about lifting the heaviest weight you can possibly do otherwise you would simply do a one rep max everyday on all the big major lifts, which is ok for a while if your a powerlifter or an olympic lifter and even then you will eventually hit a plateau only doing that. The other thing it is a lot to do with your desires… What you want from your body? Whether you want muscle, fitness, shape, health, posture, movement or athleticism. It’s up to you and here’s where the ego gets in the way of our journey to be the best we can be. Comparing yourself to other and trying to do something bigger and better than the next person even if it’s just for appearance because when someones lifting from their ego you can see it in their technique. The technique is revolting the body it twitching the person is looking around at others nervously and looks like an idiot in front of everyone. This tends to be more of a male thing, with women particularly models and supermodels it tends to be an anxiety to try something new and have a problem with looking silly learning something new. So really for all people with huge ego the first thing you want to work on is their breathing, their posture, their glutes and their backs, and then from there you can build and shape them the exact way you want.

Another tip for those of you training in the gym on your own, go 10% lighter in all the lifts you do, and instead to make your muscles grow go for the same amount of reps or more reps even but what i want you to develop is the ability of control. What you will do is press the weight, your bodyweight for one second up and fast, hold it at the end point for one second and then do a 6 second release and negative rep. This will get your technique to improve so, so, so, so, so much more! And you will really start to feel the muscles that require engagement for each stage of the lift…

Another tip for those that may suffer from too much ego is that if you are a guy and want to build your chest up try doing two back days to every one chest day you do because physiologically speaking there are way more muscles in the back then in the chest and its the ego thats overtraining the chest not the intellect. The chest is a third of the size of the back muscles if even that you’ve got the lower back, deadlifts, you’ve got the mid back, rows, and you have the upper back pull ups and then all of the variations of those types of movements. My real message here is about balance and alignment and for the girls if your working the booty and squatting and lunging all day and cycling and running how about rowing, how about good mornings and leg curls and skipping. Look at your weaknesses and strengthen them and take what already works and use that.

Another way to move away from the ego is to be open to the unknown, learn and listen from others and other experts and see what works and experience what actually works for you. If it doesn’t work, realise it doesn’t work for you yet it may still work for someone else. Remember every single human on the planet has different fingerprints to one another, theres a reason for that and it tells us we are all unique and individuals so listen, watch, learn and discover what works for you. Theres not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something, about life, about someone else, about how people do things differently, about how to socialise and gel with other about how to get closer to someone about how to train better and feel better. Keep your self open and learn something new every moment by staying present.