essentially life is meant to be about feeling good, in your relationships, at work doing what you love doing, after your workouts, after socialising going out for dinner and doing all the fun christmas stuff thats happening..

the one thing that has always balanced me out from not going to crasy and far out of the edges from feeling good or healthy is exercise and doing exercise that makes me feel good. this doesn’t mean to beat yourself up when you enjoy cake, junk food and drinking in fact what i do mean is to make the exercise make you feel better than if you didn’t do it, and what this does mean to any extreme social people lol, is yes to take it a little easier than you usually do so you can feel good enough to do some activity the next day… fundamentally health is key here and believe it or not you can have a lot of fun without being unhealthy because fortunately for us our bodies are highly intelligent machines and they can tolerate a lot of  things we shouldn’t do lol..


for me i do like to train daily but i dont kill it and it isn’t an adamant rule is more of a feel good rule, in fact this year i have gone days without training everyday to see how it feels. for me i can feel quite recovered but i dont feel i am as present and as energetic then when i dont do exercise, and heres the thing this is a personal journey so we are here on this planet to discover out personal journey, what works for me may be the opposite of what works for you and this is where i come into helping others, i love to find out what works for others and enhance that, one thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people do not breathe properly and do not have good strong postures and that includes ballet dancers and yoga teachers, the best postures I’ve seen usually belong to olympic lifters, the only criticism i have for them is their postures are a bit to rigid and in that rigidity they lack fluidity and movement in non frontal planes. i found the balance comes from olympic lifts, running, foot balance, side planks and side raises, skipping, pec, glute, trapezius stretches and deep breathing meditation… anyway i hope your all having a great time over christmas with family and friends and loved one and truly enjoying yourself and hope to see you soon here in sw1 westminster in the heart of london, its awesome here so we can take you through what makes you feel fantastic and look fantastic and lol even be fantastic… posture, movement and deep breathing truly skyrockets your performance, its truly worked for me and i would love to show you the tools.. Merry xmas