what people need is real change that lasts and that suits each individual persons bodies and needs, there seems to be a craze out there for transformations in a short period of time, or transformations for something, e.g. you see a lot of 4 week transformations, when they used to be 8 weeks and previously before that it was 12 weeks, whats next perhaps 3 week transformations, 2 week transformations, 1 week transformations, how about 1 day transformations?

the other thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these transformations are either by actors and actresses who can dedicate all their time to training until their filming starts, I’ve seen it and experienced it, and they are sent food and stick to only what they are sent, they train 2 hours a day 6 days a week. then there are the transformations you see at personal training studios where the transformations are by personal trainers who aren’t in their best shape who decide to get in there best shape for the shoot.

i mean this is great, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done transformations for clients and i even did a transformation on myself, and sometimes its needed like a wake up call or a good kick in the butt.

however whats more important is refining the results, when body fat is low, how do you keep it low and stay healthy, what dietary changes do you need to make to stay as lean and healthy and strong as possible, whats the individuals health like after the transformation?

the main issue here is health, how do you change your health for the better and still live a lifestyle you enjoy and can maintain?

whats your actual health like at the end of the month, how strong are you?

these are all reflections I’ve gone through in my personal journey and also in the journey of watching my industry. i get far more pleasure watching clients get healthier and stronger and slimmer year by year than watching clients who come for a few months get in shape by being extreme and then end up even unhealthier than when they first started, i get fulfilment from watching people progress and not by watching extreme behaviour which is later on resented

e.g. the client who gets married, gets in shape for the wedding, trains like crazy overspends his budget and then is upset that he’s lost his results and commitment and money from extreme behaviour,

personally i prefer seeing clients year round even if its less often than if they were going to do a transformation and i also appreciate the maintenance and the very present maintenance not the hectic extremes