Starting consistent exercise before or during middle age saves how much you spend on health care.

Recent studies are showing that people exercising regularly before and in middle ages can help reduce health care costs.  The greater we workout as a lifestyle before and during the middle ages, the greater those savings can be.  Firstly exercise affects our health. Secondly we develop great looking bodies. Third of all,  exercise makes us feel and be healthy. Lastly these finding show we can save money by being healthy.

We all know, moving, physical activity is important for longevity. Exercise lowers risks for a bunch of serious conditions. Such as, obesity, cancer, Type 2diabetes, dementia, depression and arthritis.

More studies show that being active from a young age has an even more potent and lingering impact on reducing health care costs later on in life.

People who have started from 40 onwards have also been affected in a positive way and reduced health care costs. So the message is,  ‘it’s never too late to start.’


  1. According to the National Instute of Cancer “this is fairly solid data.”