A blog dedicated to lunges… Why? Because I believe it is one the most painful and valuable exercises. As a movement, they are functional, technical and complex. As an exercise, they are most outstandingly beneficial to health, posture and sports performance and abilities.

Lunges are also a great rehabilitative and strengthening exercise. A lunge requires a deep kneed bend which is very difficult to achieve and quite frankly not actually or rarely done properly in the gym.

The postural benefit of this movement has a lot to do with the fact that one foot is flat and the other is pressing from the toes, so what’s happening is a strong requirement for balance.

Done correctly, it’s even harder to balance because there is a deep knee bend, meaning that the knee, glute, back and head are in a single line movement – vertically up and down. Most people that lunge have shallow knee bends, and the torso rolls forward which won’t really challenge the core, the posture or functionality. This will only equal a good exercise to sweat from or get a quad burn.

That’s the other thing about exercise: just because it’s a functional exercise does not mean you will reap the rewards if the execution is off.