So theres a lot of media on steroid abuse and rather than judging it, lets look at the subject and see how it affects society, can be of help, and can be severely damaging.

First of all the meat we eat is pumped up with steroids and growth hormone as is a lot of medication and they have an anti-inflammatory effect. I have had sinitus, which basically means its hard to breathe optimally through the nose, and was prescribed with nasal steroids I personally don’t like the feeling of it there as it gives a puffy sensation and there are a lot of medical and sports reasons for its use.

What I’m trying to say is that we are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis more then we realise. So what this means through medication and diet soda drinks and flavourings is that our liver is being utilised heavily and could be overworking, I suspect if you took a large amount of steroids for sport and muscle use the liver would definitely receive a good pasting just as if you were doing some serious and heavy alcohol drinking another no no for fat loss and for the liver.

We could objectively say that the benefits of steroids are that they increase your rate of muscular recovery and therefore performance, so yes if you used it you would get leaner, and bigger and faster than someone not taking it. but in terms of the long term goals, can we increase muscular size and performance naturally, i would say absolutely and a lot more than we could possibly imagine, I’m amazed by studying nutrition, exercise and psychology, and the improvements you can make are phenomenal. So yes you can get incredible visible results on steroids I’m sure,  on the other hand there are people that take these substances and don’t get any good results at all as they haven’t addressed their exercise technique, rest and nutrition.

Long term the effects of steroids are not very promising, from heart issues, liver issues, sexual dysfunction and problems. So really its all about looking at what your long term goals are, is longevity important to you? if so avoid them, if being the best bodybuilder on the planet is your goal well thats your choice perhaps you may want them. At the end of the day study, research and decide for yourself what your long term goals are and what you stand for are.