Don’t make COVID 19 an excuse to put on weight if anything more time alone at home is an opportunity for you to get in better shape whether its in better food choices, online workouts or your own programme set by your pt at home. Hopefully, you have been getting fitter and had more time cooking and making better choices in the foods you eat.

How have you been spending your free time? That is the question. For me alone time got me to be more creative and actually more systematic with my workouts my diets and even my attitudes to challenge. Some things that helped ner were to be systematic and strategic and at times grateful for this time and this opportunity to grow as a person and to see everyone else do so as well. I still worked out almost everyday I still weighed myself and I still studied and logged my calories seeing how my body responded to different foods and more recently I reached out to some trainers for some bodybuidling and dietary tips for my journey.

One of my clients did fantastically well from our home video workouts where we actually used props in her home and got her to really improve her posture and shape up and it became quite creative and fun.

Some struggles I had during this time was not being able to see family the same way I usually would. Also have to deal with changes massive global.changes was challenging at times too. Thankfully foing a lot of mindset work and training and meditation as usual helped me through it.

If you need any help on having a solid mental game during these times through coaching on working out biomechanically eg at your optimum. Eating best for your body type and choosing the best lifestyle tips to get your ideal shape and size feel free to get hold of me for someone on one work together.