1. I’ve been doing meet up groups for confidence coaching now for over a month. The power I’ve used is the power of the group and knowing we are physical and spiritual beings with minds and mental problems.


Usually there are mental blocks, social anxieties to the same sex, opposite sex, in one on one conversations and in groups.

At first I wasn’t sure as a trainer, pt, friend, UK athlete, qualified life coach, international speaker at seminars and exercise group fitness guy who i was to help others or advise.


Except I have two super powers, one I know about myself the other that all my clients will say about me repeatedly and definitely. My super power is I easily connect with others in conversation, super power 2 I can use my knowledge and wisdom entirely to customise exactly what my client wants.


What I’ve learnt from this is that for my groups I give them physical drills for their posture and to wake them up, this helps them feel better instantly.

The next thing I do is ask them what they want to better in their lives. I ask everyone to listen and feedback what they think the person has said.  They all start with my active listening drill.

The second part is I ask for each person’s perspective and gift to the man or womans challenge. And we do this in a circular fashion all standing up for 2 or 3 hours. People get tired and have to sit down usually. I do this because it’s a great way to strengthen and wake people up and keep them energised.

We then give solutions and then I ask them to tell us what one thing they can do and use everyday to improve their lives.

From my last seminar I realised we don’t get down to the why, the passion and reason that people do what they do. I’ve also realised we don’t tend to communicate expressively and fully. People in my groups have admitted to have not spoken up or communicated desires, wants, needs, concerns and challenges.

I also realised when I had a friend and someone that works for me, repeat attendees and someone new that I felt uncomfortable and my confidence was challenged. And yet everything went just great.


Here are some things I’ve learnt and will teach others, please check up on my meet up for my free group confidence coaching where I’ve helped people to express themselves more fully than ever before, change their perspectives on life, feel more congruent about what they mean and simply bond in sharing and growing in self love and appreciation.

So one thing I did was I felt the body sensations and discomfort and breathed fully into them, I continued to take action and focus on helping others, I shared in my vulnerability and we had a great, great time. All my fears had been imagined as I know a lot of