Mental health is definitely key if you truly want to be physically healthy. It all begins with a healthy mind and the essential ability to take care of ourselves. It’s all about mental health your way to fitness.

You simply cannot be truly healthy and confident if you haven’t found peace within. And it will be apparent in the form of the tension of the body. Exercise helps your mental health greatly while raising your self-esteem.
For example, being over-tense, having deep insecurities, lack of emotion or even under-stressed can lead to losing too much weight or gaining too much weight.
So let’s work on the techniques that have worked and helped clients overcome chronic fatigue, surgery stress, and insecurities. I have personally learned, experienced, and tried all of these and I’m only writing about techniques that have constantly worked on clients under stress and illness.
Number one and the best possible technique hands down if you can master it and do it daily is meditation.

It has scientifically been proven to reduce blood pressure, cortisol levels and from that angle, I have concluded even body fat.

Cortisol is responsible for causing the body to store fat. So if you’re new to meditation do as little as 5 minutes 1-3 times a day. If you have the time or need to do so you could do it 3x a day for 30 minutes.

I have personally helped clients with chronic fatigue and exhaustion overcome health obstacles via meditation, so I’ve seen the results myself.

I have had clients with negative mindsets, anxiety, and a lack of confidence. Gratitude drills played an important role, where I help them come up with 10 things they are grateful for.

You would be surprised to see just how hard some people find that or at least have admitted to me. This drill definitely helps with giving someone a new perspective.

Reframing is another NLP technique that helped people handle and be confident with people. What it is like a conversational switch where a person looks at a situation one way and you look at the situation from another perspective and ask them the possibilities of the opposite being apparent.

This helps people to look at things differently.

These clients I’m talking about are extremely intelligent, high net worth hugely important individuals who could be owners partners of companies.

The reason I am mentioning it as a fact is due to the fact that no matter who you are especially to other people, all it matters is who you are with yourself.

The two hands on your heart technique have worked really well on clients with panic attacks. Your way to fitness will help you in every way possible.

What I do is advise them to put both hands on their heart and feel their heartbeat. When you can feel your heartbeat, just feel it and tune in for a few minutes. This has helped to calm people down drastically.

You can now see for yourself how important is to train your body and mind at the same time. And one of my greatest accomplishments as a personal trainer is that I have helped people’s journey for a better quality of life.

Mental way your health to fitness and contact me so I can help you with the best of my ability.

Happy Training,