• There are 2 strategic ways to mentally focus so that you take charge of your shape.

1 prescribed exercise and lifestyles that works for you with maximum safety and intensity. This will include posture which gives you a holistic radiance and keeps you aligned.

People with good posture are also more confident due to better breathing patterns and stronger functional  muscles.

A simple technique: whether seated, standing or walking is to imagine a gold thread holding you upright from the air to your neck, down to your hip and then to your feet in the ground.

Keep doing this as it will be an ongoing process. Find the exercises that are customised to your body to help you hold these positions longer, with more strength and ease.

You also need a  well strategized workout that helps you with countering or reverse aging by helping not only your muscles but also your joints and ligaments so that you enhance your collagen levels.

The important part here is that you don’t overtrain your body.  Overtraining is when you put too much stress on certain muscles, joints, ligaments or energetic systems until damage or imbalance or fatigue occurs.


We want to use exercise as a stimulis to optimise our body, hormones, blood, organs, health, muscles, joints and ligaments.

Also! Different exercises, give different results depending on our height, structure and limb lengths.

Finding the correct and customised exercises as well as exercise sequences is crucial. Do partial or full range reps suit you best? For which movements? Also is doing the rep slow better for you or is faster more effective?

Of course add dieting the right way with the right lifestyle so that you sustainably shed body fat, gain lean muscles and a fast metabolism.

2.mentally rehearsing your  ideal shape and health.

You can choose your own states. The choice is yours about which ones you wish to live in whether positive or negative. How do you stay positive when things dont go your way?

  1. By trusting the process and the overrall outcome and vision. We have to trust that we can overcome the challenges with patience. This is true positive thinking. This requires mental conditioning. Just like we train our muscles we can also train our brains and our minds.

There are specific ways to keep these practicing them mentally and physically. We have to trust ourselves and in our process of doing so.

Keep a future vision in your minds eye. Do this by having a long  vision and focus. If you feel negative, empathise yourself through that pain bit by bit. From there you can change your focus on joy and arriving to the fruition of your dream goal.

A lot of neuroscience is showing that you can use the power of positive associations from your earlier years.

Remember an event or time when you felt ecstatic. Remember how it felt. What you could see. What you heard and the experience of it all.

Now write 3 goals you have and remember the feelings you have from your ecstatic past moments you rehearsed.

Use these feelings you have had from those experiences.  Imagine these good feelings and think about how you can use these feelings to think about your goals. Have your goals written out where you can easily remember them and say them aloud.

Write down your 3 key goals.Then write 3 important actions you must take on a daily basis to attain each of these goals. Then. Do them, action on them, daily.

A simple 3 actions for the goal of getting fitter would be to exercise, improve your diet and visualise your fitter body.

How does this help with fitness?

You change how you percieve pain. Choose to focus on muscle growth, shape and a faster metabolism for the long term.

Improve your eating habits. Visualise being slim and feeling great. When training stay present, focus is essential.

For example, rehearse the movements that work the muscles you want to work. From here, move the muscles intently in your imagination squeezing and feeling the muscles that are meant to be worked for the exercise you have chosen. And when exercising in your workout do this again.


If when you exercise you think that, Moving up and down  works. It doesn’t. What does work is squeezing the targeted muscles physically and mentally by concentrating on them.

In fact. If you can focus on your three priorities a day and affirm them with appreciation you can produce better results by focusing your brain and heart to that which matters most.

Create positive affirmations and incantations.

Say them in THE positive AND present tense. Ideally you would do these 1st thing in the morning, in the afternoon and also last thing at night before falling asleep.

This will keep you mentally focused and ensure you to have solutions and be ready.

In the short term you can focus on pain in exercise and restriction in diet. Change your perspective.

Look at it as a gain in pride and strength. Not pain and denial. Perspective is king.

Also look at being patient. We don’t know how long it will take for you to get your perfect body, your ideal carreer or soul mate relationship.

However if you plant a seed the way you make an order at a restaurant. First you

wait for the chef to cook,  then the waiter to bring the food over. You will experience a delightful experience. So make the order, and wait for it patiently whilst continuing to take action.

So order your perfect body. Wait for it to come. Do the daily actions. It will come.

Manage your emotional temperatures. The outside world can be challenging. Learn to warm up to people. Consider  cooling down to things you would usually judge. This will help with your stress levels and staying relaxed with your eyes onthe process.

You can choose to relax how you perceive situations to be.

4 stay focused on what you want. Not on what you dont want.

Write down 10 reasons why you would love to have change for the positive in your body. It could look like this.

1 to be  strong

2 confidence

3 energised

4 beautiful, handsome, sexy

5 feeling fit

6 looking great

7 feeling good about myself

8 pride in visible achievement

9 discipline

10 compliments from others

This way. Sit back and imagine the above happening. That you can become more positive and focused.

You want to focus on visualising and affirming yourself being in the best shape of your life. As you workout and diet. As you measure yourself with photos, and weight and journal of improvements in diet and exercise.

You also must mentally workout in your minds eye, your best shape ever. Do this for 3 months, 6 months, even a year. Build your appreciation of your body. Affirm your body to be in its best condition. Looking it’s best ever. Feeling great. Being great. Full of energy.

  • Another note is stay positive by appreciation of 10 things that went well for you everyday. This way you not only build your physique, you alsobuilt your emotional contentment. This will keep you going for the long game.

5 change your approach. Keep patient, keeping your goals and dreams applied daily for the short terms. For the long term stay patient and trust.