A lot of people do not realise that personal trainers can customise and fine tune into many problems and health issues.


Don’t forget working with so many different varying types of clients with different issues give us patterns and perspectives.

Perspectives of what helps and harms people. To summarise and stay on point. I am currently helping someone who suffers from Merniers disease and even though I cant say I can heal it from my client.


I can say I know what the problems are, how to overcome and how after overcoming you can get it back. What the best actions are to handle it and which bad habits effect it.


The reason I can help people with Merniers is because it is linked to increasing bodyfat and increasing weight. As a personal trainer we help people reducing bodyfat.


I have helped clients reduce bodyfat and weight so that they didn’t experience either vertigo or merniers.


However if a client put the weight back on again through poor and sloppy rationing and dieting or mindful eating it would come back again.


Another reason as a trainer that I claim to be able to help people with Merniers is because we track and or journal what you eat to see what foods are allergens or causing you harm.


Interestingly the patterns are 1 increased sugar or just too much sugar 2 alcohol or too much alcohol. 3 dairy or too much dairy 4 too much salt or above 1500mg of sodium.

Exercise is also key to keep up morale and general health of the body.


So if you need help with Merniers from a fitness perspective I am happy to help. Please reach out and we will do a food log on my fitness pal. We will get you to weigh yourself daily so that you lose weight to improve your condition and get you to eat healthy foods right for you so that you feel good and don’t harm yourself.


We will also do exercise to strengthen your body make it work better, in turn helping you feel better and more energised.