Like a cat stretches everyday my philosophy is that we need to move everyday not for the sake of it but for the blood to flow and move everywhere in the body, which is why I believe in whole body workouts so much. On some days you can work extremely hard with a training partner or personal trainer and on another day you can go on your own for a workout and just do the motions to loosen up.

It doesn’t have to be a competition although if your inclined to compete you can challenge yourself to beat a target, a rep range, the technique or the movement. On days like this it can be about finding any imbalances you personally need or want to work on.

The other idea is just simply to do it for the feel good factor. Personally working out is simply a great feel good factor, for some others it could be going for a walk, meeting friends or doing something fun. At the end of the day fun is important as stress prolonged is not healthy and i believe if not addressed can trigger cancers. So another aspect of health is the feel good factor, find your feel good factor and if its not training for you then simply schedule in a personal trainer with the best trainer you can find in terms of connection, understanding and knowledge.