I hear so many clients and family talking about how they don’t like training, they only like playing sports and going to the gym is boring and yet when I train those very same people that say that they fall in love, with the workout and how they feel after here’s why…

I work on their mobility, how to move their bodies properly, no, not the habitual and unnatural way of sitting in a chair for endless hours or looking at their mobile phones fixated but in the way they would need to move to engage their bodies in activity.

The next thing is posture, if I can change your posture I can change your life, because simply said, posture is the key to feeling fantastic, to being confident, to feeling strong, to experiencing self belief… I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Finally, there’s shape, shape comes with good nutrition and proper exercise to balance the imbalances of weak and tight muscles to strong and flexible muscles that are fit and furious, and if you are not experiencing these things in your gym or with your trainer then why not pay us a visit.