Let’s go for all out muscle, strength and fitness so that you can pick a weak point in your shape such as biceps and then think of a compound, an isolated, a machine and a body weight motion for that muscle so that you can get strong, In shape and fit.

So let’s take a look at the biceps and an idea I came up with..
Compound – bent over row

Isolated – dumbbell curls

Machine – cable curls

Body weight – narrow grip pull ups
You could argue that two of them look like back exercises but I prefer to increase strength and build muscle and believe back work to stimulate the biceps really well. 
You could pick barbell curls instead of bent over rows and hammer curls instead of pull ups! Up to you,

Let’s say you want to work on your triceps I would go for close grip bench press, dumbbell skullcrushers, cable press downs and diamond shape or extremely narrow push ups.

Do these workouts by my model of performance which means if you do less reps than the set before leave that exercise out so that you will end up going from a quadriset to a triset to a superset and then from one set to another until your muscle is simply blasted.
Also if you know a body part is weaker or less shapely start with that body part first so you can put all your intensity and focus into it so that when it comes to your stronger body parts, shape or exercises it’s easier to maintain the insensitive of your workout. Remember your aim is to keep the intensity as high as you can with absolutely disciplined and correct form.
Also enjoy experimenting with what works for you and mixing things up so for example do you do arms before chest because that works better for you do you feel better doing two compound exercises instead of a compound one with an isolated one. Observe your results and be your own coach otherwise come and see me as I’m happy to help for a fee, lol X