I found this a difficult blog to write for many reasons and here are some of them:


We all have different eating habits e.g. fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan and meat eater and pescetarians. That is the first issue, the second issue is that we all react differently to certain food groups, we are all different and what’s good for one may not be good for the other. The other thing is, we all have different training, lifestyle and fitness goals so what I can do is share with you some of my ideas and thoughts and concepts and you can decide, agree and even argue a different view or voice and I would be happy to consider how you handle your nutrition healthily. What I will do is include different snacks that can be considered healthy for people with different diet plans and strategies, also if you were or are a client, talking through how you felt each day after a meal or a week of eating something would be something I would do to test how each food affects your body, you would be surprised how important this is and has been for each client.

At Prêt, if I were vegan I would buy pumpkin seeds and a banana and some water to stay hydrated and energised as you would get fat, protein and carbs in those two simple foods with water to keep you clean and refreshed.

At Itsu as a meat eater I would have the Thai chicken curry with rice and ask them not to add any sauce and have that with water, you have again proteins, and carbs and vegetables to create a well-rounded meal, on another meal though I would probably get some natural fats like avocados, nuts or seeds

At Leon, you can get salmon and avocado box sets where you get high proteins and fats for someone who is pescetarian and/or on a ketogenic diet.

At most local cafes in SW1, you can ask for salmon and avocado and ask them to add grilled tomatoes and cucumbers. Loose Box does a great steak with salads.

At Sainsbury’s or any other supermarket locally you can buy beef jerky with an apple or nuts of your choice with carrots or any other vegetable you would like to mix your nuts or seeds with.

I hope that this helps you to make some healthier choices when shopping for your lunch or pre or post workout snacks!