I have been to see so many great coaches this year for both the body and the mind become more and more convinced that they are superbly connected and it’s up to us humans, us people how to work out how to use our toolkits properly.

Mainly this year I’ve been learning and seeing Tony Robbins and also Ido Portal.

A mind is a powerful machine and so is the body. So how can we feed it powerfully from a nutritional perspective
For performance.

Here are some universals. Drink lots of water.

Have a large portion of greens. Have wheatgrass to cleanse the system. Have some meat and fish sometimes but don’t go overboard as they are pumped with chemicals or covered with pollutants, hormones and toxins. Eat fats for energy such as almonds and coconut oil. Be balanced and have foods you simply enjoy sometimes, except not in excess and remember how good movement of the body and power and stillness of the mind can be.