My life coaching sessions

I have life coach and I’m always surprised by what I say as he knows my goals as do I.

I change week by week as we all do because we are alive and living and change happens everyday. We are and dying at the same time each day.

We all have heart beats desires and challenges. We all live in a body. And I believe have a soul, and spirit or at least definitely we have a mind. Even if a mind doesn’t have a specific location in the body.

Talking about your goals is interesting because we are the hero and heroine of our own stories and we struggle against change to get where and what we want otherwise we wouldn’t value it. I’d like to get married to a woman aged 25 to 37 years old and I’m now 45. I’ve dated and related many times and have had many experiences and had a great life so far and find myself more excited every year and delighted in fascination and curiosity with my adventures. Getting to know people as well as myself. Going through both rejection and growth. Its beautiful.

I’m now on Hinge and not on tinder. Strategies are important. I’m Jewish so considering meeting someone Jewish so looking at events to go to. Age sometimes can be I feel a factor against me because I’m physically attracted to younger women but not always mentally and yet want to have kids so I tend to look at younger women who I can love and have Healtjy kids with. I’ve seen women struggle in their 40s to have kids and have chosen with my knowledge as a trainer not to go for women my own age. Yet sometimes mentally and by upbringing and the culture I grew up in can find it easier to attract and connect with older women eg my age and above and not that much younger than me.

Coaching can be challenging, eye opening and exhausting because someone who isn’t you is keeping you accountable. There’s work to be done and it’s at times a sensitive subject.

It’s a great investment though and it’s growth. If you want strategy and growth invest in coaching whether it’s life coaching or personal training it’s Well worth it as you will build the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual muscles to get towards where you want to go and get tools to better yourself.