its all about feeling good, whats good for your skeleton, your posture and feel good factor

at the end of the day mobility seems to be my thing that seems so important, muscles are great and so is strength but with it we need control and mobility

i believe thats the panacea… that and a good healthy nutritional habit that matches your goals.

today i was just moving from station to station and doing a circuit based workout of 1 – 12 reps and around 10 exercises and no rest, to keep mobile to keep the blood flowing, to keep strong and keep the heart rate up

sometimes i can be lazy when training on my own but i still feel good simply moving around and doing stuff, feeling the body and how it works whats strong and whats weak

if i do any push movements i always balance the body out with pull movements.

sometimes lol, when no no one is in the gym i take my top off and look for any areas that look soft or flat, and look for weights and exercises that will make the skin and muscle fuller.

don’t be too set in routines, use your imagination and your self knowledge, be like a mixture of a scientist and an artist that enjoys shaping him or herself

happy training

remember ultimately your training to feel good, to improve yourself and to build your own confidence, stay consistent and work on empowering habits like eating healthy, exercising well and meditation on as a daily routine not a chore you sometimes do…