I had less than ideal sleep this morning. I’ll admit the morning was challenging. I felt like I had underslept and was rushed by the alarm clock to get out of the house and open the gym for one of my personal trainers and let her and her client and one of the resident members of the gym in.

Today not having morning clients meant instead I was going to focus on training myself which was a nice treat so the first thing I did was grab a coffee a protein bar and a dark chocolate snack before a workout and I also had a bit of a preworkout prior to doing 5 or 6 sets of narrow grip dips followed by single arm overhead rope triceps extensions.

After that I had a quick breakfast which was today grilled chicken breasts, 3 eggs, avocado and a large salad with a cup of coffee.

I trained my client from Korea who wants to unhunch his shoulders and straighten his back so we started him with 20 minutes of cycling with a high resistance and then we got him to do what his priority is which is to unhunch his shoulders by doing dumbbell prone rows.  So the emphasis is for him to pull his elbows past his body and hold the elbows pulled back past his body with strong back muscles around our scapula wings to open up the shoulders and chest and squeeze the lat and upper back muscles. When he gets to this position I get him holding it for 3 seconds and more. We did 7 plus sets of this and ended the workout with pull ups.


After that I had a video session with an American client who’s not trained for 3 months and isn’t too well. It’s our second session and so I have her doing basic posture arm movements, balancing movements, hip movements and squats on and off of a chair.

I have her marching on the spot and closing her eyes to check her feet and foot position as well as her arms and arm position which tells me another about her posture and imbalances. She’s says after the session her whole body feels lighter as well as her spine the reason she says this is because she feels her body activating and firming up from the primed and worked muscles and what this does because they wake up makes her feel like her body had lightened up.

I then have a dating coach session where I go for a walk and talk with him and am told that basically I have to appreciate tension more and eye contact more and be more comfortable in talking when I feel awkward and under pressure.

I have more clients and some shopping to do as well organising the gym and opening Times and some website modifications some blogs and posts and some maintenance works for my gym. But from a difficult rising morning until today I feel pretty good. Some things I do to stay ok when challenged and tired is meditate a little bit and to say what I am grateful for.