1. I’m up at 6.51am for a 7am client and my clients issue is with her glutes and back and she’s been sitting in the office for hours and days without training. I’ve given her methods to not get in so much pain when she’s in the office and travelling.

I get her on the stationary bike and I realise her foots going toes down and and heel up and which is what I dont want as I want people to push and pull from the pedal. I’m literally holding her foot into the position I want it to be in and slowing her pace down and ramping up the resistance.


I get her to take her shoes off so that she can get onto the stepper and get her foot placing correctly on to the stepper as I want the arch of her foot to rise and her big toe to grip in and her heel to push down and I’m literally correcting her and getting her to correct this for 30 minutes and what happens is that she gets her foot functioning better and better and her chest and shoulder rebalance perfectly.


I then see my client who despite has spinal pain and we get him on the bike for relief and then have to train his chest only and so use the incline dumbbell press as its great for the neck there’s less of a decline as its on a decline meaning easier on the back and we give him 3 minutes recovery so that he can work on building his strength. After 4 sets we do the pec deck machine at different angles until we get the lower pec working and do a few sets of that followed by slow push ups with engage core for 3 seconds down and held for 2 seconds at the bottom of the floor just before it and then 3 seconds upwards and then holding at the top for 2 seconds. My client actually feels his lats doing it this way.


I workout myself and do v sit ups great for the abs and also crunches and back extensions.


I train my female client who has knees that we must train with caution and do her abductors with the machine and Romanian deadlifts and good mornings and incline presses and also tricep one arm extensions for her neck and arms. And back to the butt with bridges.


I have my life coaching session looking at how loving myself through meditation and inner child work gets my life better and it does as my confidence rises more and more each day with a feeling of joy and self respect.


I now have evening clients after an afternoon of posting and writing.