Here at AWPTS we’ve been really busy working with Glenn (our web guy) on our new site and we are now pleased to say that it is live!

What you now see is our Phase 1, but over the coming months, we’ll be gradually adding loads of great new content and also improving the site’s functionality.
We’ll be hard at work improving the site over the coming months

A key feature of the site will be within this blog area where we will be encouraging our superb team of Adam White Personal Trainers to impart their knowledge to you in various areas such as Nutrition, Weight & Fat Loss, Fitness, and Personal Well-Being.

Another key area that we will be working on is our “Nutrition Zone” which we aim to make a major resource for sports and lifestyle nutrition. This will incorporate balanced nutritional plans focused on achieving specific goals.

So please watch this space and we hope you enjoy our new site!

Best Regards