If you want to keep yourself young and strong and get through your 40s, 50,s, 60s and beyond you better start working put regularly otherwise you won’t be as healthy or strong or fit or capable. Your survival depends on it.

My client this morning is in his 40s and getting stronger, fitter and better looking year by year training on video calls with me 4 x a week.


He’s married and has three kids, he owns an international company is very busy and lives I’m Hong Kong on the other side if this planet to me. I’m in London he’s in Hong Kong- we don’t even use a gym together. We are on different time zones he’s had shoulder and wrist problems. He like you has had family, personal and business stresses. We all suffered Covid and lockdowns and believe me the Chinese government rules are way stricter than our London rules.


It’s raining in Hong Kong. Its 6am in the morning for him and 1.30pm for him. He has a skipping rope and a matt. His kids 2 of them are unwell and he’s still got his session scheduled with me and he shows up.


Why? Because training keeps him younger, stronger, fitter, more positive and able to handle more stress if he didn’t have me to talk to and he didn’t have me helping him understand his mind and body, sometimes he’s been so stressed and overwhelmed that I had to get him meditating.


What am I saying? Care for yourself put priority time for yourself. Invest in yourself and your health if you have the wealth. Because health helps you be more productive, more positive, more well, more energised, more attractive, looking and feeling better, mentally and physically strong.


It will help with your professional and personal life in all ways. Schedule time for yourself and do train you will feel and Be better.


Today we did 20 minutes of skipping with side plank rotations and planks, with push ups raising arms outwards alternatively. It was challenging for him. It was wet. Everyone had umbrellas but there he is training. Hard work and commitment is where you find results. It’s not always easy I won’t lie but if you didn’t have to work for it you wouldn’t appreciate your results as much.