Today we tend to have a lot of stress from overworking and running around from task to task whether it means hitting your financial goals and target or being a mum who’s constantly busy.

A lot of people today experience stress on a daily business and yet our bodies haven’t changed through evolution as much as our lifestyles have changed. And on top of it all, even exercise is another form of stress.

There are a few solutions –
one is you can meditate. This is good for reducing cortisol yet it won’t really impact your physicality, physical confidence and shape.
Another is exercise, particularly strength and mobility work which helps with posture and improves confidence.
The third way is through nutrition and the way this works is you can have supplements and foods that calm the body down such as nuts which have fats and proteins and greens which cleanse the gut.

I recently went to a detox seminar held by Tony Robbins and learnt about the effect of fats and greens such as flaxseeds and wheatgrass. Cleaning the gut is a great way for cleaning and helping the liver. Having super potent greens particularly wheatgrass will enable you have heightened energy and help to reduce physical stress in the internal organs of the body also helping with mental states.

Protein from vegan sources such as pea protein and flaxseed are also great for calming the body down as they provide muscle recovery and the ability to balance the hormones which is another way of having a stable mood.

I recently joined a vegan and healthy living lifestyle company called Arbonne and have started using two products myself to get ripped and energetic and have also started sharing this with clients. Anyway, I wanted to introduce a couple of products to you that you may like also. Protein shake powder. I like the chocolate one as I love the taste of chocolate and the Greens Balance drink as it has wheatgrass and is mixed in a way that actually tastes good too. Here is the link to my Arbonne website.