Nutrition vs Exercise; one comparison, the ultimate result.


The importance hides in the right mentality on nutrition vs exercise.



Let’s begin with one basic fact. The nutrition vs exercise is not a bitter battle, which will show you which one is the best and the one you should follow, simply because you cannot compare two totally different things.


Nutrition and exercise, while being two totally different categories, they are highly co-dependent when it comes to the fastest result possible you can witness with your body transformation.


The most important thing to do, the first step to greatness is to have the right mentality about food. Nutrition, exercise, good fitness, weight, and maintaining it, are hugely controversial issues. Therefore, a lot of individuals stopped enjoyed food the way it meant to be enjoyed.


Food is not only a necessity but also a social firecracker. You simply have to find the balance within you, to be able to enjoy food while making the right choices, for you.


The right mentality is to be able to enjoy everything in moderation. Excess has never worked for anything, even on good things as well such as exercise. Whatever we choose to do in an excessive mode, turns out more bad than good for us.


When you have that serenity of mind within you, that you make your choices that benefit your well-being more, you will start seeing food as one of the ultimate pleasures; the right way it should be treated.


Most fitness and strength coaches admit that abs are made in the kitchen. And then, the other side of the coin. Professional bodybuilder Lee Priest was asked ”how do you get abs?” which he replied with a confused face, that you do squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.


Two totally different answers to one simple truth. Both nutrition and exercise will give you the abs you deserve having, making nutrition vs exercise the healthiest battle there is.


You can’t have great abs without exercise. You can’t have great abs without the right nutrition. The secret is to find your own, personal balance to what makes you feel fulfilled and what works great for you.


Do both in a way that you can maintain and enjoy your lifestyle and still get the results you want by finding your balance. Everyone has different genes and reactions to different foods and everyone has different limb lengths, different strengths, and weaknesses to different exercises.


One of the reasons I’m highly passionate about my job is that working that out for every single person I meet. This is why I don’t agree with set programs or diets. I believe in relationships. I believe in testing for results and in observing people’s movement patterns.


If someone is getting their desired results through their willingness, their accountability, and their responsibility to their desire, is my own ultimate result, and the reason I chose to do what I do.


Surrender to your desire and you be powerful. Powerful with the sense you set on your own, with your own goals and limits.


Here is the list of the nutrition vs exercise ”combat” :


Nutrition will help you:

  • Be happier and elevating and stabilizing your mood
  • Give you more energy
  • Help your body and brain perform optimally
  • Feel smarter and stronger (food for thought!)
  • Speed up and improve your metabolism, how you look and how you feel, literally down to your skin cells, blood, and internal organs.


Exercise will help you:


Combine both of those powers to see for yourself how they can benefit you and feel free to book an appointment with me today to discuss your new, personal journey.


Happy training and best regards,

Adam White