Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a room turning heads from sheer confidence and oozing charisma! Well, it’s not from office shoulders. Being round-shouldered, hunched forwards towards your keyboard and feeling that common lower back pain from hours of sitting down at your desk.

Solution… Great posture, look at the royal family and see how they hold themselves, they consistently hold their eye gaze forward, chest upwards, shoulders back and standing with strength and confidence.

The royal family don’t have to work long office hours sitting down. The way around this is to train functionally and effectively in a way that will strengthen your posture.

These movements require flexibility and strength. The movements that will help this are:

1) overhead squats
2) snatch (an Olympic lift)
3) bent over row

What these movements have in common are that they are compound so speed up your metabolism and will get you that sexy tone and shape you are looking for.

As well as this, each of these movements dramatically strengthens your core and your posture. These lifts condition you to hold yourself upright and confidently.


The quickest and most effective way to seeing your results is all in your lifting technique, and here’s where we come in.

Please feel free and very welcome to visit us at the studio where we guide perfect technique and get you looking and feeling fantastic!


written by Adam White and Co-Written by Finlay Maclaren