Your wondering whether to get fit fast and change your shape rapidly or to do it slowly and sustainably in line with your lifestyle.

I comment on this and share upon this subject from personal experiences as well as clients who approach me from training as well as members of my gym.

First of all, recently I have noticed many new clients who have come to me saying they went to gyms, trainers and studios who were too intense or too expensive embarking in 4 to 12 week body transformations!

They have all said these results were not sustainable and were way too intense and that trainers didn’t adjust or listen to them!

In turn, losing  them as clients and leaving them feeling worse or tired or quitting their fitness journey’s.

Bosses telling these clients that their trainers are over doing it to the point that they are too fatigued to perform productively at work.

On this I would say to you the reader yes consider these. Find a system that works for your lifestyle, your work, your set up and how and who you are.

It is not up to me or any trainer to tell you what works for you. It’s our duty to provide you with all the best tools and engagements to allow you to get to where you want to go.

This may be a long route. It may take months and it may take years.

At the end of the day it’s up to you and it is your life. So decide how fit and in shape and committed you want to be and communicate this. Work on this together. Find your sustainable fitness regime.

Another thing with price. Again affordability is a factor down to your finances. It’s good to work out with your trainer a system where you are accountable to him or her yet in a way that’s affordable.

Of course ideally as a trainer I would see you 3 to 6 times a week depending on your goals and finances as well as personal desires.

That’s my ideal though. What’s yours?

It may be that  you can only afford a session once a week, once every two weeks, three or four weeks.  It’s up to you. Again find what works sustainably.

The important part is to be in contact with someone who’s your master mind partner on this part of your life helping you feel healthy, strong and fit.

This trainer will help you with the right exercises for your body in line with your movement patterns, your strength, your weaknesses, injuries, workout history and desires.

He or she will look at your diet, lifestyle and sleep patterns and together you can hold yourself accountable and progress daily or monthly.

Lifestyle issues must be heartily considered!

Do you work long hours?

Do you work in the office?

Are you usually busy with your kids or studies?

Are you injured?

Are you In your desired shape wanting to progress?

Or more out of shape wanting to change positively?

Among many, many more factors.

The key factor is think and feel and decide what you wish for and then work with your trainer together as a team to attain your wishes or find someone more suitable for you until you reach them!

Hope this helps and feel free to get in touch if this is something in line with what you would like to embark in.