We’re going to keep the elbow tight in, so we’re doing a stretch in the shoulder blade as well as the tricep. It’s close to the ear and then you can do a full lockout at the top so that you’re lengthening and strengthening the tricep. It’s going to go really low down the spine and then squeeze back up. Breathing out as you lift up, keeping it close to your ear and not away over here.

You also get great flex both in the shoulders as well as the tricep. It’s also a very good way of isolating into that area and then we’ll try on the other arm, as well.

That’s the other thing I like about this exercise is it’s single limb, so it’s one side of the body. It gives you the chance to be able to improve the strength and condition on both sides independently.

Breathing out as you lift up, inhale on the way down; slow release, squeeze at the top, and then you can go straight into the other side. Straight in and do another set without any rest. It’s a good way of getting your blood flow, your heart and lungs working, as well as the arms getting in good shape.

So I hope that helps. Definitely tryout this exercise. It’s a great one for shape, firmness, flexibility, and just well being. I hope that helps. I look forward to seeing you very soon here at