The environment today is highly oestrogenic, causing oestrogen dominance in men and women all over the world. Oestrogen dominance can have a drastic effect on your mental, physical and sexual well-being.

Here’s My 6 Simple Ways To Diagnose Oestrogen Dominance

1) Consistently storing unwanted body fat particularly around the abdominal area and hips but also the pecs, triceps, quads and hamstrings due to oestrogen’s anabolic effect.

2) Decreased sex drive in both men and women because oestrogen is a testosterone antagonist, you’ll have less testosterone available to pump up your libido.

3) Mood swings most often irritability, depression and anxiety due to the overbearing influence of oestrogen over progesterone.

4) Bloating caused by increased water retention leading to swelling and joint stiffness.

5) Trouble sleeping/insomnia leading to trouble concentrating and an impaired memory.

6) Sluggish metabolism making your unable to lose body weight no matter how hard you try.

If you think you could be suffering with one or more of the above symptoms maybe you could be feeling the effects of Oestrogen Dominance. I recently changed my own nutrition, exercises and supplementation over 21 days to combat the effects of Oestrogen Dominance and here are my results:


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