I used to criticise people for doing half rep squats because I saw a lot people only able to do half rep squats as they lacked the necessary range of motion.

But now I have a newfound respect for people who half squat and can do proper squats. If you can’t do proper squats focus on getting the movement and biomechanics of full range deep squats, however partial reps on any movement especially squats are a very effective method of training after you have mastered the full rep range


Because it can make you stronger in a portion you may be weaker in, or simply make you stronger in a new range which will make you overrall stronger in that lift, you may be able to lift even heavier in that partial range of motion, it’s a shock to the muscle and it’s also a shock movement to the body. It mixes it up, and the shock and variable itself will create change and growth.
Try it out, as it may give you muscle soreness as its a variable.