so yes, there are images of what we are meant to look at, but how realistic is it to get that mens health shape, and how willing are you to get it, it takes a certain amount of effort and discipline and the goals have to be in sync… you need to know what your values are and what lifestyle you choose to live… i mean its not realistic to be a hermit to get fit if your goal is also to be a highly social individual…


i mean at the end of the day if you live in westminster, sw1, or in central london its likely you have high standards of a lifestyle that you maintain so its likely you work hard and long hours whether you own your own company or have lots of hours working in a finance or law firm.. but the question is what physical goals, shape goals would you like to achieve and to what level..

because its your choice and it can be at the level you want in line with your lifestyle… some people want to carry on drinking in lieu of their english cultural lifestyle, ok, they wont get the best shape they could potentially  get to, but they can be a lot fitter as a result of training than not training, and having a trainer like me bugging them and reminding them to take it easy on the drink will always help, as us trainers are good at guilt tripping and getting clients to commit..

the other thing is that goals can evolve progressively or go in waves, and what i mean by that is that a client starts training and isn’t really into it, he or she then gets more into it slowly, and then takes other efforts slowly, to improve slowly their diet or reduce alcohol… then there are the seasonal holidays, where people go in waves of being more fit, and then less fit


the important thing is that year round, there is a personal training or fitness schedule which is held and maintained as this will always keep them in check to a certain level, e.g. if a client likes to party and is paying for year round personal training, there will be a point where he or she see, that there is a balance… theres only so much going out you can do with keeping fit, you can’t burn both ends of the candle constantly, there will always be a balance, and thats the nature of life..