training is my life, i love it

so i like to share my observations and i have participated in almost every type of structure of training there is to go into

theres personal training, and thats a one on one experience, where the clients technique can be perfected, they can be rehabilitated, there weak points can be seen and in turn improved, they can specify a goal and reach it with an awesome coach who holds him or her accountable

theres group training, this isn’t rehab involved, its general and its not specified, however people get in groups to share an activity they enjoy, in my studio its pilates, they work together on the same tasks so its social and non itimidating, and its shared pain, so lets roll empathy into their, sometimes groups can create a competitiveness to do well

and then theres your own training, doing what you have learned works for you on your physical journey of wellbeing and sometimes this can be an intuitive path and i do believe its important as it can be relaxing in some ways as it can be seen as alone time, most importantly for all these types of training is to find the right balance to get your best results in health and wellbeing

its a journey so work it out, take the time and create and recreate your perfect schedule to the best you for your best year yet

warm regards