So when is personal training the right option? Personal training is ideal for clients who are carrying an injury, have lost motivation for training, for someone who lacks confidence to work out in front of others because they are embarrassed that other people will judge them.

I’ve noticed when some people start training they need support in order to build their confidence and they often they have specific goals tailored to their personal needs. For example, a client of mine was enjoying her spin classes but at the same time was battling through them with plantar fasciitis and so became extremely demotivated because it hurt and obviously the instructor didn’t have the time to address the problem so her confidence was knocked and she no longer wanted to attend the classes. This is a common story and a perfect time to embrace personal training in order to rebuild, strengthen and balance what needs to be balanced and bring the client back into shape, health, fitness and most of all reinvigorate her motivation to train again!

I’m not going to lie, classes are great for socialising, they are fun and challenging and being in a large group is great for that competitive element. What they seriously lack is the ability to really work on each individuals weak points and imbalances. Personally, I love training so I like to mix it up, group classes (as long as you are in good health) along side individualised personal training is a great way to stay motivated and diversify your training.

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you for your next personal training session or in one of our group pilates training available in the studio.