theres so much out there to mix it up in terms of health and fitness

theres yoga, theres martial arts and theres weight lifting, my three favourite forms of training

I’ve noticed my articles and ideas change weekly, monthly, yearly and sometimes daily and I’m always learning

at the moment i like doing 4 exercises for a weight lifting workout per day, one pull, one push, one pull and another push

so today i did 1 rep max snatch, i did barbell skull crushers for 12 reps x 4 sets, i did bent over rows for 12 reps x 4 sets and tricep rope pressdown

my reasoning is i love having sculpted arms and i love having a functional, healthy and strong back

tomorrow ill come up with another push and pull format using another 4 exercises, depending on my results and how i feel or my goals, ill reduce yoga or thai boxing or change my weight training programme

the point is to mix it with knowledgeable change, change thats thought through