In this video, Adam explains the benefits of both pilates and strength training and how they can work together for optimal health and performance.

Pilates has some great moves for spine mobility and core strength if the person practicing is hitting the right shapes e.g. positions and activating the correct muscles required for the movement.

I love side planks for spine mobility and for shape to the waist but as a complete system do I rate it

No… Not really.

Yes it has benefits in flexibility and movement of the spine which is useful, it gets the body moving in different positions also useful it works the core when done properly.

However, in terms of real and useful strength that corrects posture, strengthens the spine, grip strength, trunk stability, longevity and core function it simply doesn’t match to the benefits of the back squat or the deadlift.


Why not combine the side plank with deadlifts and back squats so you get the best of both worlds.