Do you know what you lift? Do you have a plan every time you enter the gym or do you just go through the motions? Are you aware of your progress year by year? Do you take out to re-evaluate your goals?

I’ve always believed in knowing your numbers in whatever you do, it’s like doing taxes for the company you own, you look at your profits, your expenses, your income and your re-investments and you compare them year by year otherwise how do you know where you are going?

For clients I have to ask, do they want to be leaner this year or more muscular? Do they want to be stronger or would they like to be more mobile and flexible?

So how do you measurer all this? Well you can rate strength developed by the weights lifted, you can rate leanness by body fat percentages and skin fold calipers. You can measure flexibility by the phase, depth and quality of certain movements, squats, crawls, olympics lifts etc.

So just like a business, start measuring your performance and health numerically, year by year to see where your going and where you want to go, you must have a vision.

Don’t forget if your anything like me, you may change your mind year by year, and thats ok, it stops me getting bored, it stimulates new responses and the new to acquire new skill sets, that’s what growth is all about, pushing yourself to change.