Being positive isnt just about being happy and looking at everything from the best possible perspective.

Being positive with me is more about trusting yourself and being comfortable in your own self.

For mental health, start accepting yourself and building these mental muscles of being ok and happy with who you are.

When you do this expand the practice to accepting yourself- and who you are. Do this in the company of others.

This will help you to be ok with others and helps you relax in the company of others.

More so this allows you to accept others more so. You will be better company and more enjoyable to be around.

More importantly youll be comfortable in your own skin.

This approach of being more comfortable in yourself allows you to be grounded and connect with others easily and fluidly.

You can expand in a sense of service to others where you shine and allow others to shine in their best selves.

If we remove these filters and judgements and crticisms of ourselves and others, we are then able to appreciate, accept and enjoy ourselves and others.

This leaves us healthy mentally and socially, leaving us more relaxed, more open and more positive.

Build these muscles of your mind like you would in the gym.