Hop squats are hard work and nothing to do with muscle building or hypertrophy. What they are good for is pure power and athletic performance.

When it comes to fighting or sprinting it gives you that explosive blast off for the sprint or a super speed strike to the body during a fight which starts from the heel.

Here are some other benefits to using hop squats:

1. Your core gets switched on

2. You recruit power from your glutes which means switching on all your muscles as soon as your hands are on the medicine ball on the ground and in turn this switches and activates your muscles so you have this feeling of alertness and readiness due to the amount of stimulation to the nervous system.

3. All of that performance will be converted into fast twitch fibre muscle so it will enhance your performance in many sports

If you don’t know what a hop squat is check out my instagram or do some training with myself or Julian Thomas, its a lot of fun!