We all know that sinking feeling of disbelief when you hear the first sounds of reality calling as you stir from what seems to be the most ineffective sleep of your life!

You reach for your phone to turn off your alarm and to check if technology is just having a little joke with you as it tends to at the most annoying of times…

Alas, the day has dawned and it’s time to drag yourself out of dream land and back into reality. But wait! All is not lost. Your saviour is waiting for you just a matter of meters away… and that saviour I hear you ask? COFFEE!

For millions of us around the world, Coffee is the drink of choice to start the day.

But why?

Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine (can vary depending on the type of bean, how it is brewed and how it has been processed). It’s this wonder drug, caffeine which is so key to us kicking away the ever pressing thoughts of saying “oh sod it” and climbing back into bed.


  • Is a central nervous system stimulant
  • Is a metabolic stimulant (increases fat burning)
  • Increases flow of thought
  • Increases focus
  • Increases coordination
  • Increases strength and speed of muscle contraction

In my opinion, Coffee is one of the best pre workout drinks out there mainly for the reasons above. Try drinking a cup of organic slow dripped coffee about 45 minutes before a work out and feel the benefits just as the caffeine starts to kick in.