No man or woman is an island and that’s why I believe we need a team of people to help us out on our fitness journey. Whether you are a fighter, a dancer or a weight lifter it doesn’t matter what physical activity you do as long as it takes energy and it has any impact of any form you will need people to help you in treating the body. It’s like the yin and yang sign of hard and soft, you can’t stay hard all the time or you will just break which is why the hard gets recovered by the soft. Let’s say you run hard on the road and you never stretch and you never do yoga and you never get massage. Well in my opinion, that’s just plain silly because a) you’re going to get injured and b) you will never figure out what’s tight, what’s not, what’s working and what isn’t. I just thought of one more thing c) you will never get your best performance or health.

Go and find a great chiropractor, osteopath, remedial therapist, sports injury therapist or osteopath, it’s better and safer to get one who’s recommended to you by a friend or someone you know and trust or a professional, it will make all the difference and you only need to book a treatment for a minimum of once every 4 weeks, that alone will revolutionise your health, your wellbeing and your training.